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Reasons to hire a birthday party caterer

Posted Date: 2024-01-02


Tips to prepare tasty dishes this Holi!

Posted Date: 2024-01-02



Posted Date: 2024-01-02


Make your event great

Posted Date: 2024-01-02


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Make your event great

profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2024-01-02

Food is the most integral part of any event planning. It is even usually the most talked about topic at an event. It is also very crucial because it is quite easy to make mistakes here which are going to be noticed and then talked about. If your guests are happy with the food you serve, people are going to com...

Completely Disable Comments

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Reasons to hire a birthday party caterer

profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2021-04-01

Birthday parties are celebrations of life. Be it an adult or a child, everyone loves a party being thrown for them. They stand as a symbol of recognising how far you have come and also about hoping for a greater future. They also bring family and friends together in an otherwise busy world. However, throwing a...

Tips to prepare tasty dishes this Holi!

profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2021-03-26

Traditional Indian festivals are all about happiness, delicious food and inviting friends and family over. Since Holi is just around the corner, it is needless to mention that you must be excited about serving your family and friends with delicious dishes. Well, if you plan strategically, you still have a lot ...


profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2021-03-19

From the meeting between the client-caterer to the event day, catering encompasses huge planning, preparation, teamwork, creativity, and flexibility.

From concept to the last uneaten bite of chicken residing in the dumpster, a catering team works closely with their c...

Make your event great! 

profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2021-03-05

Make your event great!

Food is the most integral part of any event planning. It is even usually the most talked about topic at an event. It is also very crucial because it is quite easy to make mistakes here which are going to be noticed and then talked about. If your guests are happy with the food you serve, p...


profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2021-03-01

When it comes to ensuring that your event is a great success, good food can play a major role in making it momentous. Your choice of caterer can make all the difference in how awesome your event is.

No matter what the budget when catering for an event, you’ll be able t...


profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2021-02-24

Choosing the best caterer is significant, be it for a large or small event. Caterers play an important role in making any party or event successful. People find it difficult to choose the right caterer based on their needs. The era has now changed because now you can hire caterers online without any difficulties. The Famous Ha...

Put on that party cap and become that amazing host!

profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2021-02-18

Are you someone who loves to host parties and friends’ get-togethers at your place? Do you love serving people delicious food and let them have a good time? Also, do you love the compliments pouring in on your extraordinary hosting skills? If yes, then my friend, this blog is a must-read for you. Since the holiday season is al...


profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2021-02-08

When planning a party or event, one has to pay a lot of attention to the food and beverages that the guests are going to indulge in. This is because what the guests will be consuming plays a significant role in the success of an event or party. Food has the potential to make any event memorable, even when...

Five Things to Look for When Hiring an Event Caterer

profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2021-01-29

Good food is far beyond than just being delicious and lip-smacking. An ideal event caterer is the one who fills both your heart and your tummy! Guests arriving at your function should leave with sweet memories of a delightful experience offered by the friendly staff and their prompt services. Which is why extensive research an...

Catering and Types of Caterers – an Overview

profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2021-01-19

 Are you planning a surprise anniversary party? Or ordering on behalf of your company for the annual award function? Before hiring the best catering services company in India, it is essential to note the various types of catering. With literally hundreds of delicious food options, spanning dozens of menus, it ...

Corporate Catering – Top 5 Ways to Stay Under A Budget

profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2021-01-14

One of the trickiest things in a corporate event is to fill people’s tummy with great food and fill their faces with a smile. This is because sometimes it can be too hard to reach on a consensus when it comes to good food. And when you’re on a stringent budget, the woes just seem to increase!

profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2020-12-30

2021 is just around the corner! Homes and companies alike are gearing up to entertain their guests with experiences that are soothing as well as memorable; to let bygones be bygones and instil hope and endurance for the good times yet to come. If you’re a person looking forward to throwing an outdoor party or event, then here ...


profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2020-12-28


The Christmas Festive season is an ideal opportunity to gather your friends, corporate partners and family and host a Christmas get-together to complement the special seasons in style. This can be done with a Christmas Celebration Caterer that makes flavoursome fo...

Fun Catering Food Ideas for Parties

profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2020-12-21

Parties can vary on the basis of purpose but sure enough, there doesn’t need to be a reason to party! It can be a  birthday, wedding, get-together, or even a housewarming. Or not! It can be a nice cosy evening on a weekend where one wishes to sit back and relax, share jovial banter and spend the day away in laughter and craziness with loved ones and/or fr...

How Do I Choose A Wedding Caterer?

profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2020-12-12

Your big day is arriving. Invitations have been sent. The location is set. Hordes of shopping done and still ongoing. Now all that’s left to be ticked off from your checklist is - How do I choose a wedding caterer?

An ideal caterings service will provide you with the following -

Catering Services To Suit Your Needs

profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2020-12-08

You might be attending your company’s annual meeting to discuss how the year passed by and how the next year should be, in case of growth and performance. Or you could be letting your hair down at a friend’s or your birthday bash.  What’s the most important thing that connects the former two events? Food catering, of course! The next time you’re planning a patio dinner for a ladies nigh...

profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2020-11-29

Outdoor catering is the provision of foods and beverages at a distant site away from cafés or suppliers. The host usually chooses the occasion venue and the costs are charged dependent on the scope of services offered. In contrast to different sorts of catering services, outdoor catering deals with an ev...

10 Food and Beverage Planning Tips For Events

profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2020-11-22

Food is an important and integral part of any event. Be it guests at a wedding, loved ones at a birthday bash or personnel attending the corporate day, everyone looks forward to the delicious and heart-rending food and drinks the event has to offer. Being the leading caterers in India, The Famous Halwai brings you wonderful 10...

Throw A Simple & Elegant Housewarming Party

profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2020-11-17

Throw A Simple & Elegant Housewarming Party

A new home is a new beginning. Not just for you but your family as well. Moving into a new home in which you have a lifetime of hard-earned money, time and dedication. Furniture, wardrobes, things that are essential and non-essential need to be shifted and once again rearranged. T...

Rock Your Small Party

profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2020-11-07

Planning for a house party with family members? Or perhaps a kitty party with dear lady friends to escape from the daily hassles of work and family scenario? Or are you having a simple get together with your office friends and colleagues?

Party big time with The Famous Halwai as your cateri...

Top 5 Food Festivals in India

profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2020-10-30

If you’ve been searching for the Foodies’ Paradise then ‘The Famous Halwai’ brings you the right direction board. Go ahead and charge! We bring the for you happy and healthy tummy!

National Street Food Festival

Delhi is not just the National Capital but a super-duper National Food Capital of India as...

Best Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian Caterers In Delhi

profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2020-10-27

Best Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian Caterers In Delhi

Let’s face it - everyone goes to various events mainly for the food.  At later stages, food is the only memorable aspect that remains a part of social conversations, the second being the decor. You might be planning a small house party, anniversary, intimate family gathering, birthday bash or even a gr...


profile   HALWAIADMIN calender 2020-10-16

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