The Famous Halwai is inviting spirited and ambitious Investors, Professionals and Aspirants to become our partner. Realise your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur! Start your own business with us. Here’s an incredible franchising opportunity that enables you to boost your revenue and experience a variety of events. Zero investment, Flexible hours of work, Back-end support and Maximum benefits and profits are the key features that we offer to our partners. Own your own catering franchise like a boss with the best catering company in India. You can help several customers looking forward to making their events much grander and memorable than before.

Make sure you have all essential documents and resources required to set-up your business with us. Setting up business with us is as easy as 1-2-3! All you have to do is –

  • Visit our page
  • Fill in your essential details
  • We will get back to you for further processing

Benefits of Franchise with Us

  • Establish Your Business faster than usual
  • Explore various events across a wide range of customer base
  • Support in the form of staffing, training, marketing, sales acquisition etc.
  • Get Leads & Increase your revenue
  • Improve occupancy, hiring, profits
  • Continual assessment of menu and other related services
  • Higher Success Rate

We believe in complete transparency and integrity in every aspect of our business processes. As our business associate, you will get enough resources for support starting from training, sales acquisition, staffing requirements, and so on. You will also get a wide range of industrial and market exposure that enables you to effectively establish your own business.

We provide valuable Parties Catering, Events Catering and Wedding Catering in your near by.

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